Canada is often overlooked when thinking of migration since it is almost always overshadowed by its neighbor, the United States. However, the latter being very popular all over the world does not mean it is superior at all aspects. In relation to this, we are listing down reasons why Canada life is at par, or better in some facets, with the more famous North American country.

In describing what life in Canada is like, you have to look into the different fields individually: Life and security, work and finance, politics, and the environment.


  • Compared with residents of the US, studies have shown Canadians live longer. The average life span of residents of Canada is 81 years, 3 years longer than that of Americans. Add to this, research has also revealed that the life expectancy gap between these North American nations is broadening every 10 years.
  • It has also been reported that Canadians are more content with their lives with a score of 7.4 out of 10. Not only that, they are also known for being polite. That is why if you are looking to settle down in Canada, be ready to be welcomed by happy faces and good characters.
  • When it comes to children’s education, not only does Canada constantly rank in the top 10 of countries in subjects like math and science but it also allows more children to attend college courses. More than 50% of teenagers from low-income families are able to enroll at a post-secondary course.
  • People serving their time in jail in Canada never crossed the million mark. Furthermore, mass murders are not rampant in the country unlike in the US. It is safe to say then, that Canada life is much safer.


  • Economic freedom in Canada is better, according to US studies. This may be due to the fact that public finances in this cold region are more comprehensive.
  • Although the gap between the rich in the poor is significantly visible, unemployment rate, especially in younger citizens, is less. Based on statistics, the youth in Canada are more likely to find a job in the country compared to their American counterparts.
  • Banks in Canada are more progressive. In the list of the world’s strongest banks, four out of ten are found in the country.
  • Once upon a time, Canadian dollar is one of the easiest to counterfeit. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, the currency makers are able to devise a currency which is almost impossible to duplicate.
  • Lastly, corporate taxes in Canada are lower.


  • Canada is ranked eighth on the most peaceful countries in the world list. Therefore, the country is very much livable.
  • In terms of public servants, the Canadian government is more representative of the gender divide. Many members of the government are female. In addition, a lot are not Caucasians either. Canada is also known to embrace homosexual leaders as well.


  • With the new government, Canada is shaping to be one of the countries supporting the fight against climate change. On the other hand, in spite the fact that global is warming drastically causing shifts in weather patterns, the country is poised to become a superpower by 2050, according to some theories.
  • Tornadoes are not extensive in Canada.
  • The people enjoy many beautiful spots.

Canada life may irk some people. However, if you are a fan of a safe, simple living, moving to the country is ideal. Opportunities are offered to anyone who is willing to abide by the Canadian law.

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